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Rawal Medical Journal

Current Issue : 2021, Vol: 46, Issue: 4

ISSN : 0303-5212

ISSUES : 4 per year

PUBLISHER : Pakistan Medical Association Rawalpindi Islamabad Branch

Rawal Medical Journal is an internationally peer reviewed journal and an official publication of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Rawalpindi-Islamabad Branch. It is funded by PMA and HEC Pakistan and 1000 printed copies are distributed to members of PMA and all major hospitals and teaching institutions of Pakistan. It is published every three months in March, June, September and December.

RMJ. Year: 2021, Volume: 46


  1. NAFLD or MAFLD?
    Nasir Khokhar
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 759-760
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  2. Original Research

  3. Therapeutic efficacy of Silymarin on liver aminotransferases in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
    Kashif Rasheed Shaikh, Shumaila Shaikh, Muhammad Atif Ata, Azhar Memon, Umair Ali Soomro, Shumail Saeed Siddiqui
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 761-764
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  4. Morphologic abnormalities of diffuse liver diseases at triphasic CT exam
    Amjad Sattar, Binish Rasheed, Naureen Farhan, Mahnoor Hafeez, Saba Mughal
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 765-769
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  5. Influence of media on the value of life among COVID-19 survivors: A case study of Iraqi Kurdistan Region
    Araz Ramazan Ahmad, Muhammad Saud, Ayoob Kareem Saeed
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 770-775
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  6. Effect of loneliness and sleep disturbances on mental health problems among young adults during COVID-19 pandemic: Moderating role of resilience
    Awwabah Rufarakh, Samina Majeed, Ayesha Jahangir, Mussarat Jabeen Khan, Zartasha Farooq, Alio Mohammad
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 776-779
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  7. Satisfaction level of COVID-19 patients regarding physical therapy services in Islamabad, Pakistan
    Hafsa Bint Bilal, Abdul Ahad, Aruba iram, Mirza Obaid Baig
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 780-782
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  8. Clinical practice in hospital during Covid-19 era; an experience of orthopedic surgeons
    Nusrat Rasheed, Usman Sarwar, Sundas Karimi, Kumar, Raza Askari, Ovais Malik
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 783-786
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  9. Knowledge, attitude and practices of Pakistani doctors in the early period of COVID-19 Pandemic
    Anum Arif, Mohammad Jamal, Ahsin Manzor Bhatti, Muhammad Tariq Khan, Mannan Masud
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 787-791
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  10. Prevalence of pulmonary hypertension in patients of chronic liver disease
    Ghania Ahmad, Nauman Ismat Butt, Fahmina Ashfaq, Aniqa Anser Khan, Maida Nazir, Rehana Raheem
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 792-794
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  11. Assessment of knowledge of diabetes among diabetic and non-diabetic individuals
    Rabia Siddiqui, Nighat Rukhsana, Ali Usman Arif, Basit Khan, Sidra rizwan, Muhammad Faisal Fahim
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 795-798
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  12. Comparison of eosinophil derived neurotoxin, immunoglobulin E and absolute eosinophil count in severe persistent asthmatic and non-asthmatic adults
    Haji Muahammad Rashid, Sumbla Ghaznavi, Nadia Awan
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 799-802
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  13. Effects of smoking on lung function in students of university of Lahore, Pakistan
    Obaid Ur Rehman, Fareeha Amjad, Muhammad Waqas
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 803-805
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  14. Comparison of blood pressure and heart rate in obese males with and without obstructive sleep apnea
    Shagufta Khaliq, Mudassar Ali Roomi, Muniza Saeed, Komal Iqbal, Huma Hussain, Shaheena Naz
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 806-809
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  15. C-reactive protein and low density lipoprotein as predictive marker for myocardial infarction
    Farheen Shaikh, Shakeel Ahmed Shaikh, Ali Raza Memon, Abdul Sattar Khan, Ateeq Ur Rahman Surahio, Muhammad Ishaque Bhatti
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 810-812
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  16. Relationship between perceived stress and psychological wellbeing among irritable bowel syndrome
    Noshaba Razaq, Mujadad Ahmed Khan, Zainab Batool, Fizza Anwar, Zaighum Munir, Muhammad Hassan Anwaar
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 813-815
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  17. Cutaneous and mucosal changes among health care workers performing duties in COVID-19 isolation wards of Tertiary Care Hospitals
    Zahid Rafiq, Ahsan Anwar, Rana Aamir Diwan, Urfa Shafi
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 816-819
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  18. Clinical Presentation and Management of ectopic pelvic kidneys: Our experience at CMC/SMBBMU Larkana Pakistan
    Nisar Ahmed Shaikh, Aamir Ali Shaikh, Ahmed Bux Shaikh, Riaz Hussain Mangrio, Amanullah Abassi, Malik Hussain Jalbani
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 820-821
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  19. Clinical profile of intraocular tuberculosis patients and its relationship with pulmonary tuberculosis
    Ahmad Zeeshan Jamil, Zahid Kamal, Muhammad Waseem, Muhammad Junaid Iqbal, Nauman Aziz, Muhammad Luqman Ali Bahoo
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 822-825
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  20. Complications of tuberculosis spondylitis detected by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): A low income country perspective
    Binish Rasheed, Nauman Al Qamari, Naureen Farhan, Ghulam Murtaza, Ahmed Swaleh
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 826-829
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  21. Diagnostic accuracy of Twinkling Artifact in detection of nephrolithiasis with CT-KUB as Gold Standard
    Sumiya Arshad, Rabia Ashraf, Faiza Farooq, Muhammad Mubeen Ul Haq
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 830-833
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  22. Oxidative stress markers in Fibre glass workers occupationally exposed to lead
    Uzma Jabbar, Mudasar Zia, Noor ul Ain Waheed, Rukhshan Khurshid, Hasan Akbar Khan, Sana Akram
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 834-837
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  23. Depression and anxiety in hemodialysis patients
    Mahjabeen Yaseen, Shagufta Naqvi, Muhammad Ali
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 838-843
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  24. Prevalence of anxiety and depression in hemodialysis patients of end stage renal disease
    Muhammad Usman Noor, Santosh Kumar, Abdul Manan Junejo, Sadia Rehman, Om Lal, Muhammad Tassaduq Khan, Berkha Rani
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 844-847
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  25. Admission rates, drug attitudes, and psychiatric symptoms in patients of schizophrenia after switching from paliperidone palmitate once-monthly to oral antipsychotics
    Bong Ju Lee
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 848-853
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  26. Survival rate of premature babies admitted at a tertiary care hospital of Bahawalpur, Pakistan
    Javaid Akhtar Hashmi, Aaliya Javaid, Waseem Anjum Qureshi, Agha Syed Ali Haider Naqvi, Muhammad Omar Javaid Hashmi
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 854-857
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  27. Bacteria causing urinary tract infection among children and their antimicrobial susceptibility patterns
    Saeeda Nabat ul Hassan, Khushbu Farva, Ghulam Asghar Bhutta, Sadia Zia, Yasmeen Lashari, Mahreen Mahmood
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 858-861
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  28. Diagnostic accuracy of combination of abnormal total leukocyte count, platelet count and C-reactive protein for diagnosis of neonatal sepsis taking blood culture as gold standard
    Hasan Sardar Sadiq, Shoaib Ali, Habib Ullah, Sahira Aaraj, Aleena Khan, Malik Muhammad Atif
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 862-865
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  29. Effect of virtual reality for increasing midwives skills in intra uterine device training
    Intan Gumilang Pratiwi, Baiq Yuni Fitri Hamidiyanti, Achmad Arifin, Ristrini, Adang Bachtiar, Gurendro Putro
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 866-868
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  30. Uterine rupture: A comparative evaluation of unscarred and scarred uterus
    Najia Bhatti, Nusrat Aijaz, Tanweer Akhter, Shaista Tabassum Abro, Afshan Bhatti, Sana Tariq
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 869-872
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  31. Serum lipid levels in pregnant women complicated by pre-eclampsia
    Sadiq Jan, Sobia Nawaz
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 873-876
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  32. Comparison of efficacy of balloon inflation and uterovaginal packing for control of primary postpartum hemorrhage after vaginal delivery
    Sana Ujala, Najma Shaheen, Rabia Khicchi, Ammad Masood
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 877-879
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  33. Comparing the efficacy of low dose versus high dose PGE2 for IOL as a cost effective measure
    Sadia Shafiq, Sadia Ghaffar, Qudsia Nawaz, Zubaida Shaheen, Farhan Iftikhar, Nazia Tufail
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 880-883
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  34. Association of high heeled shoes and low back pain among students who wear high heeled shoes
    Malik Muhammad Atif, Farjad Afzal, Akhtar Rasul, Asif Islam, Aysha Khan
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 884-886
    » Abstract » PDF

  35. Bonesetter treated neglected trauma, multicenter experience in central Karachi, Pakistan
    Rahat Zahoor Moton, Zohaib Nawaz, Muhammad Naseem, Saleem Asghar, Irfan Muhammad Rajput, Zaheer Khatti
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 887-889
    » Abstract » PDF

  36. Functional outcome of interlocked intramedullary nailing fixation in management of closed tibia shaft fractures
    Mohammed Bagir Al-Sharaa, Falih Waheed Hashim, Mohammed Shihab Al-Edanni
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 890-893
    » Abstract » PDF

  37. Efficacy of percutaneous release of trigger digits using 18-gauge hypodermic needle
    Muhammad Ali, Fatima Jamil, Muhammad Hamza Azhar, Muhammad Tahir Javed
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 894-897
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  38. Prevalence of absence of palmaris longus in young adults
    Zoya Mehmood, Saman Iftakhar, Pashmina Fayyaz, Hania Farheen
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 898-901
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  39. Off-midline closure techniques in the treatment of pilonidal sinus disease; Karydakis vs Limberg flap procedure
    Asif Anwar, Hasib Nawaz Ahmad, Maryam, Mustaf Kamal, Muddassir Zaman, Humaira Naz
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 902-905
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  40. Development of Coronavirus Safety Behavior Scale in Urdu
    Sadiq Hussain, Sabih Ahmad
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 906-909
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  41. Knowledge of nursing professionals about pressure ulcer prevention
    Aamir Gul Memon, Abdul Razzaque, Saleh Shah, Ahmed Ali Jafferi, Hasnain Haider, Tasghir Nabi Lashari
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 910-913
    » Abstract » PDF

  42. Knowledge, attitude and practices of hospital staff regarding hospital waste management in public hospitals of district Gujranwala, Pakistan
    Aaqib Shahzad Alvi, Yasir Nawaz Manj, Adnan Riaz, Muhammad Alam, Bushra Ghafoor
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 914-918
    » Abstract » PDF

  43. Effect of teachers and mothers education on the health promoting lifestyle of middle school students
    Zainab Naziri, Amir Javadi, Kazem Hosseinzadeh, Nezal Ajh
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 919-924
    » Abstract » PDF

  44. Incidence of pain in single visit endodontic treatment in prescription Vs on demand acetaminophen
    Ayousha Iqbal, Taha Rehman, Palwasha Khattak, Mobeen Fatima, Quratulain Qadir, Amna Riaz
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 925-927
    » Abstract » PDF

  45. Association of ergonomic factors causing muscular pain in dentistry
    Areeba Naveed ul Hassan, Faiza Sharif, Ashfaq Ahmad
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 928-931
    » Abstract » PDF

  46. Effectiveness the combination therapy of chymotrypsin and dexamethasone vs dexamethasone alone in patients with oral sub mucous fibrosis
    Shoaib Ayub, Saaduddin Siddiqui, Syed Kashif Abrar, Muhammad Atif, Raheel Allana, Muhtada Ahmad
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 932-935
    » Abstract » PDF

  47. Donor selection and deferral pattern for safe blood transfusion in a tertiary care hospital
    Sadia Taj, Ayesha Ehsan, Sheharbano Imran, Saira Moin, Ayaz Lone, Qasim Ahmed
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 936-939
    » Abstract » PDF

  48. Factors affecting scheduling of elective surgeries in a Private Hospital, Islamabad, Pakistan
    Uzma Hassan, Hassan S Rana, Rameen Hassan
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 940-943
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  49. Nature and frequency of preoperative anxiety in patients undergoing thyroid surgery
    Momin Khan, Mohammad Zarin, Urooj Khan, Maham Qazi, Junaid Zeb
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 944-946
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  50. Association of excessive smartphone use with sleep in students of a private medical college in Lahore, Pakistan
    Shireen Rafeeq, Muhammad Sijil Naman, Muhammad Tayyab Ijaz, Mumtaz Touseef, Izza Ali Rai, Muhammad Ashraf Chaudhry
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 947-950
    » Abstract » PDF

  51. Burnout, academic motivation and academic achievement among medical students
    Maham Saeed, Jamila Abdul Maroof, Fouzia Batool, Hiba Bilal, Sumra Farooq
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 951-954
    » Abstract » PDF

  52. Comparison of student performance in online proctored and in campus summative assessments
    Gulshan Ara Saeed, Fouzia Amir, Ahmad Sultan Zaheer
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 955-958
    » Abstract » PDF

  53. Internal assessment: a predictive indicator of academic performance of undergraduate medical students in summative assessment
    Uzma Akhtar, Uzma Hassan, Ambreen Tauseef, Shaista Arshad, Sana Sabir, Aliya Aslam
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 959-962
    » Abstract » PDF

  54. Online medical teaching during covid-19 pandemic: Level of satisfaction among students and faculty of a medical college in Islamabad, Pakistan
    Tallat Najeeb, Muhammad Ali, Muneeza Rizwan, Mazhar Hussain, Nisa Siddique, Sehrish Asad
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 963-966
    » Abstract » PDF

  55. Effects of E-learning on academic performance: Quasi experimental study
    Kiran Fatima Mehboob Ali BANA, Farnaz Ilyas, Halima Sadia, Saman Hakeem, Wahab Buksh Kadri
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 967-969
    » Abstract » PDF

  56. Psychological impact of the third wave of covid-19 and infodemics on mental health of medical teachers of Islamabad, Pakistan
    Irfan Afzal Mughal, Noor-ul-ain Irfan, Asma Irfan, Amna Faruqi, Saima Latif Qureshi, Tooba Zafar
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 970-973
    » Abstract » PDF

  57. Comparing efficacy of APSQ-IV and it’s short German Version in determining patient safety awareness among medical students
    Qudsia Nawaz, Akhtar Hussain, Humaira Tabassum, Mohammad Aimal Khan, Sadia Shafiq, Nazia Tufail
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 974-977
    » Abstract » PDF

  58. From post-traumatic grief to growth; Case studies of Shaheed’s wives
    Syeda Nida Batool, Tanvir Akhtar
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 978-981
    » Abstract » PDF

  59. Readiness assessment of health facilities for providing postpartum family planning services after project-based scale-up activities ended – A study from Pakistan
    Aniza Ismail, Mariam Ashraf, Idayu Badilla Idris, Inayat Hussain Thaver, Ahsan Maqbool Ahmad, Sarmad Jamal Siddiqui
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 982-986
    » Abstract » PDF

  60. impact of internet addiction on physical activity level and depression in young adults of Islamabad, Pakistan
    Fatima Gul, Rameesha Qazi, Hania Farheen, Zoya Mehmood
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 987-990
    » Abstract » PDF

  61. Social support, resilient coping, and post-traumatic growth in road accident survivors of Lahore, Pakistan
    Hina Sultan, Muhammad Sajid Hussain, Ghulam Ishaq, Adnan Adil, Rimsha Chaudhry
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 991-994
    » Abstract » PDF

  62. Demographic factors affecting the usage of information and communication technology sources for seeking digital health literacy
    Adnan Adil, Tehmina Sattar
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 995-997
    » Abstract » PDF

  63. Frequency of lower limb joint injuries in athletes
    Amna Arshad, Zeeshan Ali, Humera Ambreen, Zoya Mehmood, Muhammad Junaid Akram, Arshad Nawaz Malik
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 998-1001
    » Abstract » PDF

  64. Short Communication

  65. Management of genital warts
    Aamir Ali Shaikh, Saeedun Nisa, Sania, Nisar Ahmed Shaikh, Kanta Ahuja, Ahmed Bux Shaikh
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 1002-1003
    » Abstract » PDF

  66. Prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders in a physical therapist clinic in Islamabad, Pakistan
    Muhammad Naveed Babur, Anam Aftab, Maria Liaqat, Shaukat Hayat, Sarah Kafeel
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 1004-1006
    » Abstract » PDF

  67. Review Article

  68. Corticosteroids and severe COVID 19 patients, is there any hope?
    Bayan Abdullah Alshgoor, Nedal Alnawaiseh
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 1007-1010
    » Abstract » PDF

  69. Case Report

  70. A case report of acute necrotizing gastritis in a peripheral teaching hospital
    Salman Farooq Dar, Sajid Aziz, Muhammad Ateeq
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 1011-1013
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  71. Technical Note

  72. Acknowledgements
    Rawal Medical Journal
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 1014-1015
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  73. Subject Index
    Rawal Medical Journal
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 1016-1019
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  74. Author Index
    Rawal Medical Journal
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 1020-1023
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  75. Information for Authors
    Rawal Medical Journal
    RMJ. 2021; 46(4): 1024-1024
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