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RMJ. 2023; 48(4): 948-951

Evaluation of microbial plaque on the intaglio surface of a heat cured acrylic maxillary removable complete denture

Syeda Sameen Zehra Rizvi, Naveed Ahmed, Aamir Rafiq, Abdullah, Afia Khan, Tariq Rahim.

Objective: To score and measure the microbial plaque on the intaglio surface of maxillary complete removable denture fabricated from heat cured acrylic resin
Methodology: This cross-sectional study was conducted at Department of Prosthodontics, Bacha Khan Medical Complex, Mardan from 10 July,2019 to 10 January 2020. It included 62 patients with age range from 50-70 years wearing maxillary removable complete denture prosthesis for at least one year. They were evaluated for the presence of microbial plaque by showing the impression surface with 1% neutral red solution. The surface was then photographed with digital camera (Canon EOS Digital Rebel EF-S 18-55, Canon Inc. Tokyo Japan) with standard distance between film and object and exposure time before and after staining. The index developed by Augsberger and Elahi was used for calculating plaque scores using digital photos of the dentures' intaglio surfaces. Data were analyzed on SPSS version 26 using chi-square test.
Results: Out of 62 patients, 28 (45.1%) were males and 34 (54.8%) females. Patients in different age groups do not show any positive association with higher plaque scores. Females showed noteworthy association with increased denture plaque scores. Patients who were illiterate, had a low socioeconomic background and were wearing dentures for more than two years showed increased plaque scores.
Conclusion: Positive correlation between higher plaque scores and gender, educational status, socioeconomic status, duration of denture wearing is seen among the patients took part in the study.

Key words: Microbial plaque, intaglio surface, maxillary complete denture.

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