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RMJ. Year: 2017, Volume: 42, Issue: 1


  1. Internet self diagnosis
    Fawad Kaiser
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 1-2
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  2. Original Research

  3. Frequency of asymptomatic spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in patients of chronic liver disease with ascites
    Firasat Waqar, Aisha Javed, Sadia Iqbal, Sadaf Ahmed, Dania Faisal, Akhtar Ali Baloch
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 3-7
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  4. Dyslipidemia in patients with type 2 diabetes: Is there any difference among our patients?
    Muhammad Imran Javid, Hina Shajee
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 8-12
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  5. Effects of antidepressent drugs on renal function and Hba1c level in male population of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, Pakistan
    M. M Yousaf, Sajjad Rehman, Masharib Syed, Gul Rukh Afridi
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 13-17
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  6. Causes of maternal deaths in Faisalabad, Pakistan
    Muhammad Asim, Ghulam Yasin, Babak Mahmood, Farooq Tanwir, Asif Habib
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 18-22
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  7. Frequency of mothers who are not exclusively breast feeding and its factors in tertiary care hospital
    Shankar Lal, Ahmed Bux Shaikh, Dilijan, Zulifqar Ali Mangi, Shanti Lal, Saifullah Jamro
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 23-27
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  8. Frequency of ruminations in patients with depression admitted in a tertiary care hospital
    Rana Mozammil Shamsher Khan, Naveed Gani, Muhammad Yasir Khan, Ansar Latif, Fatima Mozammil, Kalsoom Nawaz, Sehrish Batool
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 28-33
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  9. Percutaneous renal biopsy in adults: experience of a single center
    Syed Munib, Mufti Baleegh-ur-raheem Mahmood, Subhan Fazli, Najm Uddin
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 34-39
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  10. Prevalence of musculoskeletal complaints in working female nurses in tertiary care hospitals
    Aftab Ahmad, Aneela Zain, Samina Naz, Muhammad Daud
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 40-42
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  11. Efficacy of topical DMSO in macular amyloidosis
    Tayyaba Iqbal, Naseema Kapadia, Saher Ather, Sadia Iqbal, Maria Mansoor, Shahmoona Faisal, Nadia Farooq, Feroza Fatima
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 43-47
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  12. Xerosis leading to asteatotic eczema in geriatric patients
    Tayyaba Iqbal, Naseema Kapadia, Saher Athar, Sadia Iqbal, Humaira Talat, Sadaf Ahmed Asim, Maria Mansoor
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 48-51
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  13. Frequency thyroid dysfunction in patients with type 2 diabetes seen at Dow University Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan
    Muhammad Umar Khan, Darshan Kumar, Kamal Ahmed
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 52-55
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  14. Antibiotic susceptibility pattern of organisms isolated from cases of otitis media in a tertiary care hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan
    Zaheer Ahmed Chaudhary, Afreenish Hassan, Shehla Ambreen Alizai Rubina Riaz, Warda Furqan, Nosheen Rabia
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 56-59
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  15. Hair dye crucial threat to paraphenylenediamine poisoning and its mortality rate associated with laryngeal edema; a cross sectional study
    Ashok Kumar Lohano, Akber Hussain Yousfani, Aftab Ahmed Malik, Khawer Hussain Arain
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 60-63
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  16. Spot protein to creatinine ratio – a good alternative to 24 hour urinary protein for diagnosis of preeclampsia
    Ayesha Basharat, Sarwat Navid, Mahwash Jamil, Samra Ayub, Asma Tanveer Usmani
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 64-67
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  17. Various presentations and management of primary postpartum hemorrhage at BMCH, Quetta, Pakistan
    Sumaira Humza, Shazia Saeed, Hazrat Ali, GM Parkani, Zaman Kasi
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 68-72
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  18. Effect of total intravenous anesthesia and prophylactic 5-HT3 receptor antagonist on postoperative nausea and vomiting after gynecologic laparoscopic surgery: A prospective, randomized controlled study
    Si Ra Bang, Hyo jin Kim, Eun Jin Ahn, Hey Ran Choi, Kyung Woo Kim, Myoung Jin Ko, Eunsu Kang, Yun Jung Sung, Yong il Ji, Jae-Wook Jung
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 73-77
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  19. Mode and timing of termination among women with mild pre- eclampsia in Lahore, Pakistan
    Shamsa Kanwal, Anzar Ahmed, Misbah Akram
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 78-81
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  20. Incidence of laryngeal and pharyngeal cancer at Liaquat University Hospital, Jamshoro, Pakistan
    Safdar Ali Amur, Naseem Aslam Channa, Najaf Ali Soomro, Muhammad Haneef Mugheri, Fehmida Memon, Quratulain Khuhro, Muzna Paras
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 82-85
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  21. Effectiveness of physiotherapy on quality of life after breast cancer surgery
    Farah Shaheen, Maryam Shabbir, Bilal umar, Umair Ahmed
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 86-89
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  22. Surgical outcome of intraventricular hemorrhage using an intraventricular catheter, and its complications at Civil Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan
    Shiraz Ahmed Gauri, Muhammad Faiq Ali, Atiq Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Imran, Qazi Muhammad Zeeshan, Syed Muneeb Younus, Junaid Ashraf
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 90-94
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  23. Frequency of osteoporosis after spinal cord injury
    Iqra Khan, Samreen Sadiq
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 95-97
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  24. Investigation of food allergy especially wheat dependent exercise induced anaphylaxis (WDEIA) in population of Sindh, Pakistan.
    Shaista Khan, Samreen Memon, Bikha Ram Deverajani, Naima Memon, Ghulam Nabi, Munir Ahmed Shaikh
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 98-101
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  25. Comparison between tobacco smoking among medical and non-medical students – a cross-sectional study
    Yousaf Ajam, Haroon Sohail, Syed Fahmeed Imam, Muhammad Sabih Saleem, Mujtaba Shahbaz, Avais Raja, Khurram Irshad Qureshi, Sajida Naseem
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 102-107
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  26. Prevalence and risk factors of Malnutrition in children under five 5 years in Nawaz Sharif Social Security Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan
    Tooba Riaz, Muhammad Naeem
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 108-111
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  27. HIV/AIDS Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of street Ccildren
    Aroosa Tabassum, Naeem Aslam
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 112-115
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  28. Outcome of surgical tracheostomy in an intensive care unit
    Amer Sabih Hydri, Irfan Saeed, Fatima Siddiqui, Munazza Jamshed Sandila, Junaid Hussain, Qurat ul ain Rukhsar
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 116-120
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  29. Short Communication

  30. Effect of physical therapy and musical therapy in the rehabilitation of patients with Parkinson’s disease
    Muhammad Salman Bashir, Rabiya Noor, Arshad Nawaz Malik
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 121-123
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  31. Case Report

  32. Fatal pulmonary thromboembolism occurred after position change under general anesthesia in a patient with femur fracture
    Jeong Han Lee
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 124-126
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  33. Feminizing adrenal tumor: Review of the literature and a case report
    Maryam Rashid, Aysha Babar, Kamil Shujaat, Syed Saif Ur Rehman, Shujaat Hussain
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 127-129
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  34. Glottic hemangioma – a rare entity in adult
    Nor Azirah Salahuddin, Shahrul Hitam, Nor Eyzawiah Hassan, Mawaddah Azman, Maizaton Atmadini Abdullah, Nor Aizan Ab.llah
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 130-132
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  35. Massive pneumoperitoneum without visceral perforation following cardiopulmonary resuscitation: A case report
    Ki Hoon Kim, Jin Soo Kim
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 133-135
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  36. Nasal midline destructive lesion secondary to Klebsiella infection: a pimple may not be so simple
    Norhafizah Saifudin, Intan Kartika Kamarudin, Carren Teh Sui Lin, Mawaddah Azman, Norizal Mohd Noor
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 136-139
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  37. Prolapse optic nerve in empty sella with delayed visual deterioration post-endoscopic pituitary surgery: A rare case
    Ruth Ng, Farah Dayana Zahedi, Salina Husain, Syazarina Sharis Osman, Jegan Thanabalan, Ramesh Kumar, Balwant Singh Gendeh
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 140-142
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  38. Torsion of Enlarged Spleen in a Pregnant Lady: Case Report with Review of Literature
    Haitham Suleiman Rbihat, Khaled Mohammad Mestareehy, Mohammad Saleh al Lababdeh, Rami Suleiman Alrbeihat, Fadi Mahmoud Maaita
    RMJ. 2017; 42(1): 143-144
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