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RMJ. Year: 2014, Volume: 39, Issue: 3


  1. Hepatitis C: is the cure near
    Nasir Khokhar
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 242-242
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  2. Original Research

  3. Prevalence of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) in Critical Care Unit at Royal Medical Services
    Abdallah Al Serhan, Manal Al Mashaleh, Khaldoon Shobaki, Mohammad Shabaneh
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 243-245
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  4. Respiratory failure and thrombocytopenia in patients with organophosphorus insecticide poisoning
    Samar Iltaf Pechuho, Rukhsana Abdul Sattar, Sham Kumar, Tufail Ahmed Pechucho, Muhammad Asif Qureshi, Muhammad Rafiq Khanani
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 246-250
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  5. Seasonal variability and frequency of different types of Ova/Cyst detected in stool sample
    Sairam Ahmed, Amra Rehman, Reema Rasul
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 251-253
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  6. Serum lipid profile in breast cancer patients
    Ali Al-swelmien
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 254-256
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  7. Association of rice allergy with asthma and serum IgE levels in different age groups
    Ibtessam Tahir Ansari, Allah Nawaz Memon, Allah Bux Ghanghro, Mumtaz Ali Sahito, Nazo Noor ul Ain, Zainab Abeer Ansari, Shaista Khan, Imran Suheryani
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 257-260
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  8. Complete blood count abnormalities associated with malaria and its response to treatment in children
    Muhammad Asim Ikram, Muhammad Khalid, Aisha Sajid
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 261-164
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  9. Effect of multiple blood transfusions on hormonal profile in thalassemic children
    Mahmood Asif, Zahid Manzoor, Uzma Shaheen, Amama Kanwal, Zia ur Rahman, Zafar Hussain, Shaukat Hussain Munawar, Imran Ahmad Khan, Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Asif Raza
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 265-269
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  10. Estimation of trace and toxic metals from citrullus colosynthis Lin: A medicinal plant of district Kech, Balochistan, Pakistan
    Wahid Bakhsh Baloch, Allah Nawaz Memon, Hassan Imran Afridi, Allah Bakhsh Ghanghro, Abdul Hameed Lanjwani
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 270-273
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  11. Effectiveness of the incentive spirometry in preventing post pulmonary complications after laparotomy
    Somiya Naz, Furqan Ahmed Siddiqui, Salman Ikram
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 274-276
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  12. Capacity of operating room in the occurrence of tsunami on Haeundae Beach
    Kwang Rae Cho, Yong Han Kim, Hyun Chul Joo, Sang Yoon Jeon, Jae Wook Jung, Ki Hwa Lee, Jin Soo Kim, Ki Hoon Kim, Seung Soo Kim
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 277-280
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  13. Outcome of early cholecystecotmy in acute mild biliary pancreatitis
    Yousaf Jan, Muhammad Shah, Shaukat Hussain, Waqas, Ahmad Din
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 281-284
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  14. Outcome of immediate primary skin closure in type-ii and type-iiia open tibial fractures
    Muhammad Usman ul Haq, Faisal Nazeer Hussain, Muhammad Iqbal Mirza
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 285-288
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  15. Quality of life before and after total knee replacement
    Akhtar Rasul, Irfan Ahmed, Hafiz Abdul Munem
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 289-291
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  16. Tension-band wiring of closed transverse fractures of patella. the effect of site of wire twists and orientation of stainless steel wire loop: a clinical evaluation
    Sardar Sohail Afsar, Mohammad Gulzar, Mohammad Idrees, Iqtidar ullah Babar
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 292-296
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  17. Frequency of incidental carcinoma in the multinodular goiter.
    Mushtaq Ahmad, Abdur Rehman, Khurshid Ahmad, Salma Sahibzada Rahman, Attullah Jan
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 297-299
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  18. Possibilities and effectivness of topical anesthesia for simple corneal repair
    Mohammad Idris, Naseer Ahmad, Mudasser Hussain Turi, Zubairullah, Mir Ali Shah
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 300-302
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  19. Frequency and maternal morbidity associated with complicated cases of unsafe abortion among patients presented at teritary care hospital, Larkana, Pakistan
    Shabnam Naz Shaikh, Naila Yousuf Memon, Aklima Asad Abro, Shoibunissa Soomro, Rehana Parveen Shaikh, Rafia Baloch
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 303-306
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  20. Misoprostol versus Dinoprostone for induction of labor at term: a randomized controlled trial.
    Nighat Shaheen, Safia Khalil
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 307-310
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  21. Efficacy of tranexamic acid in reducing blood loss during and after cesarean section
    Nergis Taj, Ahsan Firdaus, Nadeem Akhtar, Muhammad Hamid Chaudhary, Sarah, Zunaira Bajwa, Ehsan Ullah
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 311-313
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  22. Efficacy and safety of misoprostol in missed miscarriage in terms of blood loss
    Shahida Tasneem, Muhammad Sarfraz Gul, Sarwat Navid, Kinza Alam
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 314-318
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  23. Growth pattern of urinary pathogens in children with febrile UTI
    Khalid Radwan AL-Okour
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 319-322
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  24. Factors associated with excessive TV viewing in school children of Wah Cantt, Pakistan
    Munazza Saleem, Aimal Hassan, Tahir Mahmood, Saba Mushtaq, Javeria Bhatti, Matloob Azam
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 323-326
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  25. Patients' satisfaction with standard of care in Pakistan Ordinance Factories Hospital Wah Cantt.
    Robina Mushtaq Rizvi
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 327-330
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  26. Neuromorphometric analysis of the lateral prefrontal cortex of young Wistar rats exposed to nicotine in utero
    Gabriel Olaiya Omotoso, Oluwole Busayo Akinola, Bernardd Ufuoma Enaibe, Ezekiel Ademola Caxton-Martins
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 331-336
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  27. Effect of chronic restraint stress on hypothalamo pituitary adrenal axis response and body weight of male and female Sprague Dawley rats
    Sadaf Hasan, Sadaf Jafar, Abrar Hussain Azad, Sadia Haroon, Misbah Hasan
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 337-340
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  28. Knowledge and awareness of medical ethics among medical graduates from two medical colleges in Lahore, Pakistan
    Muhammad Waqas Rabbani, Muhammad Mujtaba, Farooq Naeem, Ehsan Ullah
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 341-343
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  29. Small group discussion as a learning strategy for medical undergraduates.
    Rifat Nadeem Ahmad, Mahwish Majid Bhatti, Asna Haroon Khan, Sameena Ghayur, Shahid Rafi, Sajida Naseem, Ghazala Mudassar
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 344-348
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  30. Case Report

  31. Celiac disease presenting as hypocalcemic tetany; Report of four cases
    Abdelrahman Mahmood Radaideh
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 349-353
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  32. Lymphocytic mastitis presenting as breast abscess
    Ismat Riyaz Khalid
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 354-355
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  33. Unusual site of disseminated Staphylococcus infection: Erosive chest wall abscess
    Lai Teck Gew, Fei Yin Ng, Fan Kee Hoo
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 356-358
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  34. Corrigendum

  35. Multiple
    Javed Ahmed Phulpoto, Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti, Abrar Shaikh,Kouro Mal Gurbakhshani, Shafi Mohammad
    RMJ. 2014; 39(3): 359-360
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