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RMJ. Year: 2011, Volume: 36, Issue: 2


  1. Helicobactor pylori needs attention
    Nasir Khokhar
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 73-73
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  2. Original Research

  3. Atrophic gastritis by Helicobacter pylori and antiparietal antibodies
    Batool Mutar Mahdi, Riyadh Mohamad Hassan, Basma Maki, Nahla Ghanim, Leen Ghalog
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 74-78
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  4. Endoscopic management of post-cholecystectomy complications: Experience of Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangioprancreaticography (ERCP) at a tertiary care referral center
    Arif Amir Nawaz, Shahid Sarwar, Khubaib Shahid, Waqas Iqbal, Atiqa Batul M, Salwa Hussain, Zarmeena Aly
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 79-82
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  5. Surgical intervention for swallowed gastrointestinal foreign bodies in adults
    Said Mohammed Jarbou
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 83-85
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  6. Efficacy of loading versus standard doses of quinine in cerebral malaria
    Sheraz Jamal Khan, Amanullah, Nazeer Shah, Mumtaz Ali
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 86-88
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  7. Role of laparoscopy in cirrhotic patients
    Altaf Ahmed Shaikh, Muhammad Rafiq Memon, Saleh Muhammad Channa, Syed Qarib Abbas Shah, Abrar Shaikh
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 89-92
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  8. Histopathological examination on suspicious gallbladder specimens at Royal Medical Services Hospitals
    Amjad J. Almuslamani, Malde Alsoude, Mazen Alomari, Tareq Mnazel, Gaith Khasawana
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 93-96
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  9. Perforated appendix-our local experience
    Asifa Dian, Akhtar Ali, Umar Farooq Azam, Mohamad Mussadiq Khan
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 97-99
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  10. Evaluation of re-admission after open appendicectomy
    Prof Abdul Razaque Shaikh, Dr. Shahida Nil Khatoon, Dr. Muhammad Nil Arif
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 100-103
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  11. Suspected Appendicitis during Pregnancy : Prevalence and Management at Prince Hashem Ben AL-Hussein hospital(Zarqa/Jordan)
    Wasfi M Salayta, Hasan Dahamsheh
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 104-109
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  12. Local anesthetic infiltration is not effective in decreasing post- Cesarean section skin pain severity
    Iman Fayez Anees
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 110-113
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  13. Use of oral clonidine and oral midazolam as preanesthetic medications in the pediatric patient undergoing tonsillectomy
    Belal S. Qteshat
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 114-115
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  14. Low-dose Bupivacaine with fentanyl spinal anesthesia to prevent spinal-induced hypotension in adults
    Mohammed Shawagfeh, Ahmad S Sbaihat, Essa A Mayyas, Ala D Alomari, Safwan G Fawaris
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 116-119
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  15. Inguinal herniorrhaphy under local anesthesia: outcome and tolerance among patients in Royal Medical Services
    Jihad Odeh, Mazen Alomari, Abdullah Rababaah, Amjad Maslamani, Laith Khasawneh
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 120-122
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  16. Percutaneous tracheostomy using Fibroptic bronchoscope
    Samer Basher Alghazawi, Ahed Al-Edwan
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 123-124
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  17. Outcome of CAPD Tenckhoff catheter-A single center experience
    Syed Munib, Asif Malik
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 125-128
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  18. Psychiatric morbidity among the female inmates of district jail Adyala, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
    Fatima Bilal, Khalid Saeed
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 129-132
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  19. Short-Course Antibiotic to Prevent Acute Otitis Media in Children with Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
    Mohammad Moazi Rwalah, Hisham Abd-alkareem Rashdan
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 133-136
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  20. Effects of Maternal Macronutrient intake in 3rd trimester of normal pregnancy on the maternal weight gain and neonatal birth weight of full term neonates
    Tehzeeb Zulfiqar,* Farwa Rizvi,** Samina Jalali,*** S.A Shami,*** Nasira Tasnim, Sarwat Jahan***
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 137-142
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  21. Necrotizing otitis externa in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Center
    Mohd Sazafi, BS Goh, A Mazita, A Asma, S Lokman
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 143-146
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  22. The outcome of antenatally diagnosed ovarian cysts
    Hashem E. Aqrabawi
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 147-149
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  23. Level of job satisfaction among nurses working in tertiary care hospitals of Rawalpindi
    Abida Sultana, Rizwana Riaz, Fazal Mehmood, Riffat Khurshid
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 150-154
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  24. Teaching ethics in undergraduate medical curriculum - compulsory or optional?
    Ahmed Rehman,* Afsheen Zafar,** Mohammad Iqbal Khan***
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 155-158
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  25. Case Report

  26. Amniotic band syndrome; a case report
    Osama T. Abu-Salah
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 159-161
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  27. Reimplantation of anomolous origin of the right coronory artery from the left coronary Sinus
    Mohammad Alfayez, Zeyad Alshawabkah, Razi Abu Anzeh
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 162-164
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  28. Toothpick Perforation of the cecum presenting as right iliac fossa pain: Report of a case and review of literature
    Taysir Nsour, Samer Al-Gzawi, Nidal AL-Soud, Amjad Maslamani, Mazen Al-Omari
    RMJ. 2011; 36(2): 165-166
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