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                                RAWAL MEDICAL JOURNAL


                                              Editorial Staff



Prof. M. Salim                                                          Prof. Nasir Khokhar

Professor of anesthesiology

                                                                                  Professor of Medicine

                                                                                  Shifa College of Medicine


Islamic International Medical College



Prof Mazhar Malik

Prof of Psychiatry

Rawal Institute of Medical Sciences




Associate Editors:                                                    

            Dr Omar Qureshi                                            Dr. Mati ur Rehman

            Assistant Professor of Medicine                    Professor of Medicine

            Islamabad Medical & Dental College              Riphah University

            Rawalpindi                                                      Islamabad


             Dr. Ejaz Khan

             Prof of Pediatrics

             Shifa College of Medicine                              



Managing Secretary:

            Dr. Muhammad Khurram

            Professor of Medicine

            Rawalpindi Medical College



Finance Secetary:

            Dr Zakaullah Warriach 

            Assistant Professor of Medicine

            Rawalpindi Medical College




            Dr. Sajida Naseem

            Associate Professor of Community Medicine

            Shifa College of Medicine




         Muhammad Javed

         Chief Librarian

         Shifa College of Medicine




                                        National Editorial Board




            Prof. Musaddiq Khan                                     Prof. Shawkat Matabdin

            Professor of Surgery                                       Professor of Anesthesiology

            Rawalpindi Medical College                           Shifa International Hospital

            Rawalpindi                                                      Islamabad


            Prof. Mian Abdul Rashid                               Prof. M. Yousuf Chaudhary

            Professor of Forensic Medicine                      Professor of Radiology

            Muhammad Medical College                          Shifa International Hospital

            MIrpur AJK                                                    Islamabad


            Prof. Javed Butt                                              Prof. Rehana Arshad

            Professor of Gastroenterology                       Professor of Anatomy

            Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences           Rawalpindi Medical College

            Islamabad                                                        Rawalpindi


                                                                                   Dr Naveed Ashfaq

                                                                                  Consultany Surgeon

                                                                                    CDA Hospital


            Dr Hina Mehwish                                           Dr Khalid Randhawa

            Asstt Prof of Gynecology                              Asstt Prof of Surgery

            Rawalpindi Medical College                           Rawalpindi Medical College

            Rawalpindi                                                      Rawalpindi


           Dr. Sajjad Minhas

           General Practice

           Rawalpind                                                       Dr. Arshad Rana

                                                                                   President PMA












                                        International Editorial Board



            Prof. Helmut Denk                                         Prof. Graham Foster

            Professor of Pathology                                   Professor of Medicine

            University of Vienna                                      University of London

            Austria                                                                       London


            Prof. C. L. Lie                                                 Prof. James Lewis

            Professor of Medicine                                                Professor of Medicine

            University of Hong Kong                               Georgetown University

            Hong Kong                                                      Washington DC


            Prof. Myron Schwartz                                   Prof. Graeme P. Young                                   Professor of Surgery                                       Professor of Medicine

            Mount Sain School of Medicine                     Flinders University

            New York, NY                                                South Australia, Australia


Prof. Rene Lambert                                         Prof. Zhang Gao Wang

            International Agency for                                 Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery

            Research on Cancer                                         Xuan Wu Hospital Capital University

            Lyon, France                                                   of Medical Sciences   

                                                                                    Beijing, China



        Dr med. Peter Schiedermaier,

           Professor of Medicine and Endocrinology

           University of Bonn













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