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RMJ. Year: 2006, Volume: 31, Issue: 1


  1. Emerging therapies in irritable bowel syndrome
    Nasir Khokhar
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 1-1
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  2. Original Research

  3. Role of 5HT in the modification of intestinal motility, in vitro study
    Aftab Turabi,1 Syed Saud Hasan,2 Ahmed Danyal,3 Naseer Baluch,4
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 2-5
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  4. Changes in concentration of iron and lead in food due to rotting
    Shakila Zaman, Hameed A. Tahir, Uzaira Rafiq
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 6-9
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  5. Inverse Association of Serum Leptin with Serum C-reactive protein (CRP) in Regular Hemodialysis Patients.
    Hamid Nasri, Azar Baradaran
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 10-13
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  6. Role of ions, lipids, serum and urinary protein profile in developing hypertension.
    Samina Karim, Gul-e-Rana, Rukhshan Khurshid, Sabiha Karim, and Bushra Farooqi
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 14-16
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  7. Effect of unadjusted dose of erythropoietin on hemoglobin in chronic renal failure patients.
    Malik Muhammad Adil, Syed Nayer Mahmud, K.H.Mujtaba Quadri, Asma Rehman Mahwish Hayee, Tahseen Talib
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 17-19
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  8. Evaluation of tracheal intubating condition in adults after coinduction with propofol plus lidocaine and different doses of remifentanil
    Ali Peirovifar, Mahmoud Eidy, Khosro Kolahdouzan
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 20-24
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  9. Treatable Disease Causing Untreatable Harm: Anemia in school going children
    Ayesha Junaid, Iffat F. Zaman, Malik Muhammad Adil
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 25-28
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  10. General and Nutritional Protocol of Nasogastric (NG) Feeding of Neonates in a Public Hospital of Peshawar, NWFP
    Iftikhar Alam Khattak, Safoora Khan, Niamat Ullah
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 26-29
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  11. Review Article

  12. Human Embryology and Nutrition–Some Facts From the Holy Qur-ān
    Iftikhar Alam Khattak and Niamat Ullah
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 32-35
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    Hamzullah Khan, Mir Hassan Khan, Aminul Haq, Ghulam Sarwar
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 36-37
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    Faisal Rahim, Ali Yawar Alam
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 38-39
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  15. Critical Evaluation of the Concept of Schizophrenia from A Historical Perspective
    Humayon B Dewan, Fawad Kaiser
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 41-43
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  16. Case Report

  17. Radiodermatitis
    Dr Sheraz Jamal Khan
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 40-40
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  18. Cholecystogastric fistula:an unusual presentation
    Ishtiaq Ahmed Chaudhary, Sami ullah, Ashraf Ali Mallhi
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 44-45
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  19. A Young Man With Backache And Symmetrical Peripheral Polyarthritis
    Aamir Masud, Osama Ishtiaq, Bushra Khizar, Mohammad Iqbal
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 46-47
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  20. Othello Syndrome in Acute Coronary Syndrome
    Fawad Kaiser, Amna Qazi
    RMJ. 2006; 31(1): 48-49
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