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RMJ. Year: 2005, Volume: 30, Issue: 2


  1. Appendicitis: a Diagnostic Dilemma
    Muhammad Iqbal
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 51-52
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  2. Original Research

  3. Histopathological features of acute appendicitis in Kerman-Iran.
    Fatemeh Nabipour, Mohammad Bagher Daneshtalab
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 53-56
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  4. Clinicopathological Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis after Emergency Appendicectomy
    Shahid Jamal, Muhammad Amin, M. Salim, Aamer Mehmood
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 56-58
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  5. Co-relation of Pregnancy induced Hypertension with Placental Abruption and Effect of Antihypertensive Therapy
    Huma Tasleem, Samina Tasleem, Malik Muhammad Adil, Mahfooz siddique, Khalida Waheed
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 59-61
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  6. A comparative clinical trial of artemether and quinine in Cerebral Malaria
    Sheraz Jamal Khan, Syed Munib
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 62-64
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  7. Relationship between level of depression and psychological well-being among diagnosed diabetic and non-diabetic.
    Rizwan Taj, Gul –I –Riaz Siddiqui, Asma Khan, Mazher Mufti, Ghazala Rehman.
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 65-67
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  8. Clinical Spectrum of Glioblastoma Multiforme in Kerman-Iran
    Reza Malekpourafshar, Tooraj-Reza Mirshekari, Ali Ebrahiminejad, Rezvan Mirshekari
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 68-70
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  9. Darryl, a cartoon-based measure of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in persons with Developmental Disabilities
    Fawad Kaiser
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 71-73
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  10. Prevalence of smoking in various cities of Pakistan
    Malik Muhammad Adil, Muhammad Zubair, Umar Ali Khan
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 74-75
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  11. Determination of Zinc and Lead in Raw and Processed Milk
    Huma Naz Awan, Hameed A. Tahir, Uzaira Rafique,
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 76-78
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  12. Prevalence and mode of presentation of vertical deviations in squint patients
    Muhammad Abbas, Hafeez ur Rahman, Imran Azam Butt, Nahid Ghani
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 79-81
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  13. Effectiveness of Fiberoptic Intubation in Anticipated Difficult Airway
    Khawaja Kamal Nasir, Faraz Mansoor
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 82-84
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  14. Assessment of genotoxic effects of Doxycycline in mice by the comet assay
    Muhammad Arshad, Qaiser M. Khan, Tahira Iqbal, Kashif Mukhtar
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 85-87
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  15. Role of Yag Laser Iridotomy as Initial Treatment of Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma.
    Mazhar Ammar, Hafeez ur Rahman, Imran Azam Butt, Nahid Ghani
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 88-90
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  16. Review Article

  17. HIV/AIDS: The Situation, Response and Strategies for Control.
    Hamzullah Khan, Akber Khan Afridi
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 91-93
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  18. Case Report

  19. Ekbom’s syndrome and Renal Dialysis: case report
    Fawad Kaiser, Husnain Maqsood
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 94-95
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  20. Urinary Bladder Gossypiboma (Retained post operative foreign body in urinary bladder)
    Muhammad Ijaz, Rehan-e-Kibria Bashir Ur Rehman
    RMJ. 2005; 30(2): 96-97
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